5 steps to eating right

When you are trying to improve your health and eating right there are certain foods that you should eat and things you should do. Many foods are obviously unhealthy because they contain ingredients that are known to cause unwanted weight gain. However, some other foods can very good for you and give you the nutrients that your body needs. In addition exercising a certain amount of time each day can also help with staying healthy.  These foods are deeply problematic, because most people cannot afford to eat healthy nor know other resources that can help them buy affordable healthy food. Eventually people end up buying unhealthy food instead due to limited funds and options.

Here are 5 steps to eating right

The first step to eating right is Drinking 8 glasses of water each dayDrinking water is poured from a bottle into a glassis something you should do  so that your body can cleanse and toxins in your body organs such as your liver and kidneys this will also keep you hydrated.


The second step to eating right is eating breakfast everyday healthy-breakfastbreakfast is the most important meal of the day. The reason why for this is because it gives you the most energy and gives your brain a boost as well. So make sure you pick something with lots of nutrients inside like fresh fruit, wheat bread, fresh squeezed orange juice, a yogurt and eggs.

The third step in eating right is make sure that your eating the RDC recommended daily calories a day and nor over or under.
For example if you eat under your RDC you could put your body in starvation mode. When your body goes into starvation mode it stores your fat in places that you don’t want after eating a meal after hours at a time instead of a structured meal time. If you choose to eat over you put your body at risk for gaining unwanted weight or damaging your health such as your arteries, organs, and health over all. In the end you could end up with problems with your BMS especially if you don’t drink enough water.

The fourth step is to make sure you have a structured meal time.originalThe basic times that are recommended are 7:30 am between 8:30 am for breakfast, 1130 am between 12:30 pm for lunch, and 5:30 between 6:30 for dinner. It takes the body 30 minutes to an hour for your food to properly digest its food therefore this is why the mealtimes are suggested. If a person eats anytime after 7 your body functions more slowly so it doesn’t digest as fast as you may think it does this is why we tend to get sleepy around this time which would range from 7 to 9pm. We may not want to fall asleep but we tend to want to just relax and lay down. Which actually just lets your food just sit in one place as it digests. When this is going on your food becomes fat that could be unwanted fat hopefully this step can help you get a more structured meal times setting.

The fifth step to eating right is to exercise a minimum of 30 minutes a day54ff41e103fea-1-workout-in-morning-s2this way your body can stay fit and you can have less stress and feel good about yourself in a addition  rejuvenated as well.

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