Succesfully Acomplishing your new years resolution

People are excited about their NEW YEARS RESOLUTION! Awesome!!!!! I want to make sure that excitement stays. Studies show 60 percent of all people give up on their New Years Resolution by the 15th of January. I would like to provide you with a system and words of encouragement that will keep you fighting.

The problem is that most people want results, and they want them immediately! They want the results but don’t want to go through the process. They want the promise land but don’t want the wilderness.

They’re too focused on the end goal, and desire to have what they dedicated the whole year to, but in less than two weeks. They’re too focused on the end goal and can become lazy or discouraged when they don’t produce the results that they want.

If you wanted to get to the top of the Hancock building, no matter how intensely, positive, or confidently you take that first step, you will not magically get to the top. You will however, be one step closer to where you want to be, and one step away from where you were. If you keep the same strategy then eventually you will reach the top.

It’s not the goals you should focus on, but your habits this year. Everyone has written down goals but not many are changing their habits to reach success. Your habits are more powerful than your goals. Life changes by actions not just desires. So how do you change your habits?

  1. Find your “why”! Align-Business-and-Personal-Goals-find-your-whyWhy you are doing it? Why do you want it? Why is this important to you? Why? If you can’t define why you want it, then you are not going to be motivated to consistently go after it and persevere through all the frustrations that you will encounter on the path you take! So begin to define your reasons to go after what you want so you will have something to push you pass your limits.
  2.  Celebrate every good step you take. party-celebration-confettiYou have to be sure to make the whole process fun. To do that you have to psychologically convince yourself that it is enjoyable. So you can do it as if you want to and not do it because you feel you have to. In psychology this is called the laws of effect. When you celebrate a behavior you make the activity pleasurable to where you want to continue to do it. When you punish a behavior you add pain to it to where you don’t want to do it.
  3. Feed yourself subconsciously; Scanning of a human brain by X-raysyou have to feed yourself consciously things that feed your desire so that you can accomplish it subconsciously. To do that you must Starve yourself from people and things that try to convince you not to. Begin to watch and listen to music, speeches, documentaries and any other resources that push you thinking positive and productive about what you want to do. Everything that you entertain yourself with has a direct effect on your mind subconsciously. So being to entertain yourself with things that drives you to success and steer away from things that have a negative influence on you.
  4. Convince yourself that this is a part of you;Cat_Lion2 it’s not something you just do but it has to be apart of your lifestyle. Eliminate negative words from your vocabulary: “I can’t do this work,” “this is too hard for me,” “I don’t want to diet.” If you say you can’t, you won’t. what happens is where ever you place your words  your energy will go. So if you say you can, you will. “This is who I am,” “I love this stuff,” “I feel better eating better.” Use your words for you and not against you and i guarantee you will find the things you once thought that you couldn’t do being accomplished daily.

If you can do this by 2017 you will be a completely different person. So now it’s on you.

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