The reason behind your tendency to push love away

I have seen A LOT of cases where a person will find the one they dreamed of. The one they can envision themselves building a healthy, happy, and honest life with. Somehow, when they begin to experience the treatment they have always desired, they end up running scared. They begin to operate in a way where they distance themselves from their dream guy/girl. Why? Why is it that this is a common behavior?

It’s because consciously you desire a love that will truly make you happy; but subconsciously most people invest negative energy into thoughts of how they don’t deserve it, or they expect something to go wrong. Because of this dangerous system that is built from your very own thoughts, you begin to disqualify yourself from receiving what you truly desire.

As a result,you find history constantly repeating itself. Whenever you do find someone you’re interested in, you also find yourself pulling back. You enter in a state of mind where you begin focusing on those negative thoughts inside, and it causes you to try to search for even the smallest faults in the other. All of this done in order to prove yourself right! Not because something was wrong but because you had negative thoughts in your mind, and with your energy and emotion backing it up, you began to create those thoughts into your reality.

Let me explain,: there is a segment within the brain known as RAS (Reticular Activating System). The moment you put a bunch of emotion and/or energy into your thoughts, your brain will subconsciously activate the “RAS” and will begin searching externally for where ever your energy, emotions and thoughts are focused on. This causes your conscious self to build a super natural awareness. Have you ever come to the state  mind, where you wanted something so badly, to the point that it built so much energy and emotion in you, that you begin to notice it everywhere and somehow it seems like everyone has it? You noticed it because of the RAS.

This can work for you or against you. When you begin to focus in on negative thinking you make it your reality because your brain will search and find the smallest thing that resembles what you’re thinking subconsciously.

“He who says he think he can and he who says he think he can’t, are usually both right.”

The moment you tried to convince yourself of a negative story that you claimed was bound to happen, due to the thoughts inside your head that you began to entertain, was the moment you began to let go and place yourself in the cycle most find themselves trapped within.

This is going to continue to happen until you reverse the cycle of thinking, by transforming it to work FOR you instead of AGAINST you.

You have to begin to recondition your subconscious self with positive affirmations daily in order for your inner being to be on one accord with what you truly desire. Your whole life you have told yourself, “good men don’t exist,” “there aren’t any real men,”  “these ladies aren’t loyal,” or “I’m just not lucky enough to find love.”

These thoughts have become a reality for you because your subconscious has absorbed what you’ve said, and thus created walls impossible for Mr./MS. right to climb. First you need to realize that it’s not Them its You right now. Take personal responsibility so you can gain understanding. If you want your love life to change you have to do something about you. clear the way so that someone good can come through. Next…

Imagine the things you could acquire if you begin to work your mouth piece for you instead of against you.

Begin to say “there are real men,” “I deserve real love,” “I deserve to have what I desire,” “there are some ladies that are loyal,” and small things like that daily with emotion to make your subconscious work for you not against you. Begin accepting the things that bring you joy without it feeling unnatural. You have to set a healthy foundation in order to welcome it into your life. Positive things can only come to those who welcome it in.

And lastly, it is very important that you say these affirmations with energy and emotion. Don’t just say good men exist that great woman still walk the earth but you have to believe it. You will not go after what you don’t believe. Your brain will not focus on empty words, not powered by energy and emotion because it won’t affect your subconscious mind. The only way your words will not work for you is:

  • If you Don’t Believe
  • If you don’t Try.
  •  If you allow negative influences to over power your positive influence (which due to the depth of this subject, would require a whole new blog post sown the line.)

The wisest among all know that life doesn’t change until you do. You have to declare to yourself that your going to make life work for you so it can do so. Positivity is a gentleman who walks into your house when it’s invited in after days and days of preparation. But negativity will barge in and bust into your home whenever it wants.


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