The Power of your Imagination, how to get the drive to do what you really want to do.

I made a post on Instagram earlier this week which talked about how your imagination really have great power in your  life.We have to understand that our imagination has a powerful cause and effect on our future. whatever we believe that could proceed in our future effects what we do today. If you are driving and you  think that within the next  3 blocks of the pathway you are on is going to be a dead end, you will decide to turn left or right so you won’t have to deal with the problem ahead. See what you envision in the future effects the move you make right now.

It goes much deeper than just directions. If you are in a relationship and due to either your fear of past relationships or from your partners past actions you tend to think that the person will cheat. Due to what you imagine in the future, You will operate in a manner that displays suspicions and mistrust.  From a young age if you love playing ball but you imagine yourself not making the team, losing street games and etc. It will cause you to not even attempt to push towards achieving anything in the sport because of what you picture in the future. Because of what you imagine

It’s because how you envision your future directly affect your emotional state. Understand that it’s in our emotional state where we find the drive to get in the gym and give our all, it is in our emotional state where we find the strength to try again when a business plan fails, it’s within our emotional state that gives you the drive to push on or just give up and say “I don’t feel like it”. And this is where the problem is highlighted, one of the major factors many people have not obtained what they truly desire out of life is because they picture their-self unable to own it in their future, When you want something but don’t think you can achieve it you either don’t go after it or don’t push yourself to do the necessary things to get it done.

But we all have played victim to this, but now that you are aware let me give you the instructions on  how to avoid this trap and begin to use your imagination to create what you want out of life. I can simply just say begin imagining things in your favor but its more to it than that. There is a certain order of how your imagination is triggered for you to create the picture you want.


1st things first you have to define what you want. Do you want to create a great relationship? Do you want to be successful in business? Do you want  to create your own business? When you define exactly what you want out of life it gives you a sense of direction. If you live without a sense of direction of where you want to go you cannot progress forward you can only wonder around. Just because you see people moving doesn’t mean that they are progressing. If they do not have a sense of direction of where they going they are only wondering around.
own it

2) RESOLVE (The essence of solidifying your substance)

In this case, your resolve is multiple different factors  to create that resolution to effect your emotional state. I was listening to a speech not too long ago and the speaker which I believe to be Zig Ziggler. He was talking about how a student had told him that she believes resolve is best decision to never give up. Which I wholeheartedly agree with that so now the question is how do you get to the point to make that decision.

Well the first thing is first

  • SPEAK HIGHLY OF YOURSELF, when I say that I don’t mean get cocky but I mean use your words in your favor and let yourself know that you can accomplish what you have in mind. The reason why people have a hard time with this task is because people either consciously or subconsciously become a product of their environment, surroundings or other people’s words. Sometimes we feel the way we feel because of how and where we grew up, the situation we are currently in and what others say about us. Here is a truth the only thing that matter is what you say about yourself. No matter the situation you are in, what you been through or what people say. As long as you continue to use your words to stay positive about yourself you will be able to contribute to a section of your emotional state.
  • Feed your mind right,  How can you produce gold when you feed your mind with garbage? Think about it like this, If you continue to feed your kids nothing but candy their whole life, just because  they like it will it benefit them?  No! It will sooner or later deteriorate their insides,  worms will begin to grow in their body and they could also  develop diabetes. The same thing goes for your mind, if you are not feeding your mind with things that encourage you, inspires you, and nourishes you on a daily basis. It will be easy for you to tell yourself what you don’t feel like doing. And eliminate things that you allow to entertain you that isn’t doing anything for you. Sometimes the reason why people hasn’t tapped into their potential is  because of what they are allowing to entertain their mind. Your mind slowly adapts to things that you allow to entertain you.
  • FIND  YOUR WHY! You have to determine why you want to obtain what you desire Because when you want to fall down, when things get tiring, when situations doesnt turn out how you thought they would. It is your why that will get you back on your feet to try again.  Your objective is to have a why that is stronger than any scenario.  Rather you’re doing this for your kids, or maybe your tired of having to depend on people or even because you want to do it in the memory of your parents. Whatever it is will be what is triggered when you are faced with an opposition. It will be the white blood cells your goals need to fight against anything that tries to take you even one step away from your goal.

after you have completed this and took your time it will then take you into your emotional state!

3) EMOTIONAL STATE: Filling your imaginations with your emotional state.
heart and brain.jpg

Once you get to this step I have to congratulate you, because you have created an environment that works in your favor. So when everything is working for you there is nothing left to work against you. You are filled with excitement because your words have been constructed to work in your favor, the things you’re listening to and watching is influencing you now, you what you want and why you want it and you have direction. When all these things begin to work in one direction it stur up feelings of excitement, of motivation and of self-confidence. So now it’s time for you to allow yourself to imagine a successful future. See yourself successful in what you want to do and when you begin to imagine and believe in it, working towards it becomes POSSIBLE! Your emotions is the explosion you need in order for you to get things moving in the direction you want them to go. So it is now time for your launch count down and I hope I will be seeing you at the top.

THANKS FOR READING MY BLOG ITS A PLEASURE TO HAVE YOU HERE. If you have any topics you want me to write on or do a video about go to and make a suggestion. til next week 🙂  

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