How you set your expectations- Part 1: Awareness

Naturally we all have expectations, rather we realize them or not. In every situation the way you operate is determined by what you expect from the situation. The reason why you go to work is because you expect a pay check at the end of the week, the reason why you go to Disney land or universal studios is because you expect to have fun. Our expectations is always a major defining factor in how we operate. Have you ever been on a 1st date and after the first 5 minuets  you began to expect how  horrible the date was about to be and then you could picture that it wouldn’t work pass that day . So the way you responded to questions, acted and felt was effected due to these expectations.

So evidently the way we set our expectations have a psychological effect on us. Which means depending how we set them determines how we see things and how we operate. The reason why a model stands in line with thousands of others waiting for an audition to be one of the 12 that is selected out of so many is because she expect that she will be chosen, the reason why a business man develops a company knowing that 1 out of 10 companies do not make it pass five years and then 1 out of 10 of  that percentage will survive the next 5 years is because he set his expectations. Rather its dealing with relationships, dealing with business, dealing with development or anything. You have to learn how to direct your expectations depending on the situation and what you desire.

You have to learn how to set your personal expectations high so that you reach for things that you truly want in life. If you expect bad things to happened such as verbal abuse in a relationship; when it shows up you validate it as normal. Not because it is the valid ingredients to make a relationship work but because you expect it. When you have an expectation to fail you wont even make an effort or even try to get the number, to run a business, to ask for a raise. Not because the situation you are in is unwinnable but because you set your expectations low. And when you do that, your actions tend to revolves around your expectations. So you create failure, abuse and mediocrity in your life. When you create low expectations you find your self with dirt. When you set your expectations high you can end with things that shine like the sun.

OK now what I’m about to explain is where people tend to put their self in dangerous positions

So yes it’s an important thing to set your expectations high, but imagine if you set high expectations in low standard things. Controlling where your expectation go is a factor that we must utilize or else we can put ourself in dangerous places. For example; if you decided to give your heart to someone who was low down. You would be puting your trust into someone who don’t hold the qualities of faithfulness, you  would be sharing your secrets with someone who can’t keep their mouths closed. Basically you would be putting your expectation in someone who lacks the strength to keep them lifted. Think about if you set high expectations in a dead end job with the desire to reach for financial freedom or even to make a living. You’ll be looking to earn raises finding yourself stuck to minimum range due to budget cuts, You be looking to be appreciated by the company where you only find disrespect. See where setting high expectations in low standard things can get you?

So setting high expectation is a key aspect needed in order to grow to our true potential  but when you misguide that expectation into things that is mediocre, low-standard or maybe even out of season you tend to put your self in a position where you get hurt, become let down and etc.

This blog was to help make you aware of how you set your expectations, This is part 1. Don’t want to drown you with too much information. Part 2 will be up soon. But for now i want you to take this information and validate where your expectations are in your life. When you wake up to do what you do rather your sad, moppy, Happy, Joyful, excited I want you to validate where your expectations are. Because this is the first stages of controlling and creating a healthier life from the aspects of EXPECTATIONS.



Written by

My name is Joshua Dhonte Barnes, I go by supamann Barnes. S.U.P.A is an acronym for Success ultimate power achieved. Which means you have the success of true power and it is living in you. I have created a company which is called SupaInnerPrize which is devoted to creating outlets to help people bring out that inner success to realize how S.U.P.A They truly are.


  1. Josh this was very well written. I completely agree with you about needing to change gears when you realize you have set your expectations to high or in somewhere your not going to get what you seek. That’s why I have to remind myself everyday this is a JOB. One day you will have the career you have worked through so many trials and tribulations to get to. Thks for sharing buddy. May u continue to inspire millions!!

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