Have you ever ask a friend what do they want out of  life? If so, wasn’t it amazing the list of things they will begin to give you. I ask this question on a consistent basis and hear all sorts of things. Things like; I want a Bugatti, I want a mansion, I want to travel, I want to be a CEO, I don’t want to work for anyone, I want to be financially free and a multitude of things that differ from person to person. But then I follow up with another question which is basically a sibling to the prior one. I ask them what are they going to do or doing to make what they want come true. Now we come across why most people don’t make it to their goal. It comes down to; is what they are doing compatible with what they want out of life. Are they creating symmetry between wants and their actions

You can’t say “I want a million dollars” and think that you’re going to get it from only working your way up in McDonald’s,  in a call center,  as a fire fighter, a cop, or even a doctor.  There is a certain formula that cannot be escaped, which every successful person  use to create the life they want. This pertains to rather your goal is to be that millionaire, financially free, to travel, to raise a great family, or to do something someone has never done before.

If you don’t want to be limited to what you can do,  where you can go, or what you can get. Then you have to learn how to level up your life. Because honestly what you’re capable of is not based on the instruments that you have but by the person you become! That’s why when you see a millionaire or a billionaire go bankrupt, about 1- 5 years later they  be back in the same position where they were before the bankruptcy. They didn’t have that life style because of the things they collected over time but because they developed their self in such a way that if they were to fall they would bounce right back to where they were. You attract what you become.

So this is where the big question shows it’s face: How do I become more, How do I level up my life? There are 3 important components that can get you started in this process these are; Taking personal responsibility in everything you do and also in things that happened to you, identifying yourself with greatness and not the negative prospective given from others or negative things given from your very own self-esteem, and Create an environment of improvement that make it possible for you to move forward relentlessly! This Is how you begin to become an owner of your life and begin to understand how your life is a kingdom, and it’s time to reclaim your throne. But lets go a little deeper in those components so we can teach you how to become king/queen of your life


Take Personal Responsibility


In every situation lies growth, rather it’s something you did or something that was done to you. Within Every single situation lies an opportunity for you to become a better individual and learn something that can put you in a better place in future predicaments. The only way to accomplish this is  if you learn how to accept personal responsibility within every moment of life! Most people when they get in situations tend to find someone or something to put the blame on. And they might be right, it might not be their fault but when you refuse to accept personal responsibility you reject the opportunity for growth.

Let’s say you were in a long term or even a short term relationship, and you get cheated on. You have every right to end the relationship because they did wrong by you.  You also have to use that moment to wonder what led to it. Maybe you guys wasn’t communicating as much as needed, maybe you rushed into the relationship too fast, maybe you went after the wrong type of person, maybe you knew they were a cheater and you tried to change them with manipulation,  maybe you was ignoring them and wasn’t giving them what they needed on a consistent basis, maybe you was loving them how you want to be love but ignoring how they needed to be love. There is something that you can examine that can cultivate more healthy decisions/actions to either heal the situation or create a better one in the future.

Say You crossed the street while the traffic light was red, The crosswalk light was green and was hit by a car. Even though it wasn’t your fault – The incident will cause you to be more alert before crossing the street next time. You would take an extra second to make sure the cars are all stopped whether the light is red or not. All because of the previous incident you chose to find some place where you could take personal responsibility in what you didn’t do to decrease the possibility of that happening again.

The moment you take personal responsibility is the moment you take more control over your life! Which then put you in the process of you claiming your throne and showing yourself as queen or king over your own life.

Identify yourself with greatness

This part is so important that it’s even apart of this company (SupaInnerPrize) Origins of why it was created. A lot of people identify with things that they don’t want to be and want no part of. I ask people how they doing, They will say things like “I’m broke”, “I’m Poor”, “I’m doing horrible”,  “I’m lonely”, or even “I’m barely surviving.” The problem about this is whenever you attach “I’m” with such a negative adjective you bring that thing into existence. The reason why you never have money is because you always talk about how broke you are. You justify why you are broke and  back it up with information that causes you to focus your energy into that statement. so then your  Reticular Activating system (which is also known as the r.a.s system of your brain) which focus on where you put your energy into. Begin to bring the things you think is poor more to your attention. Then you have become a creator of a poor life style because you have done everything to identify with being poor and made it into your reality. Please don’t take this for granted if you say you are broke, you will attract that. Not by some miraculous magic but because your mind will find things thing to feel broke, act broke and surround yourself with that environment.

This is why people  are having a major Identity crisis; and not realizing it.  I want you to understand how amazing you are! The reason why YOU aren’t reaching the level of success that you want in life. Rather its sports, success, finances,  relationships, influence or anything. It’s not because you don’t have the capabilities. but the foundation of it is because you could be  identifying yourself with things that you don’t want to be. Don’t allow your present circumstances to become the definition that you live by. You have to begin seeing yourself as successful and identifying yourself with what you want to be.  If you want positive things too happened in your life you have to reprogram your mind from one state to another so you can attract that energy by becoming a positive person.

People always said I was a supremely nice and positive guy growing up. But I identified myself with pain, with isolation, with loneliness, so even though I had a positive attitude towards people because I identified myself negatively. It conflicted with the things that could have come into  my life. So instead I always found myself heart broken, or alone, to myself and etc. Because I decided who I was based on what I was use to and we have to escape that human flaw. Begin identifying yourself with greatness so that you can attract and live in things that only LEVEL UP YOUR LIFE.

Create an environment of improvement


Creating an environment that levels up your life means to position yourself around things and people who make it easier for you to improve. Who you hang around, what you allow to entertain your mind and what you go after and don’t go after, what you say and don’t say. All these things can make the difference between self-improvement and self-destruction. Let’s go into detail

I don’t know if you guys use to or still play video games but they have this game series called final fantasy or maybe you played Pokémon which are RPG games. Well these RPG games you have to do certain things to level up your player so they can accomplish their goal of saving the world, being the best or maybe winning the ultimate competition. So then these games normally have a team of companions to aid you in battle and if you are with someone that is let’s say on level 100 facing an opponent that is on level 80 but you are on level 1 but still you take part in the battle. Even if you only get one hit in  that does little to nothing in damage to your enemy and your team win. You will still benefit from the experience and it causes you to still level up.  You would actually level up more because your opponent was way stronger then you were. Your participation in something bigger then you were helped you gain massive experience because you did it with people who made it possible for you! When you look at the people that you are around, are they adding value and experience into your life or are they just there helping you be entertained. You have to find people who make it easy for you to take yourself to the next level.

Now let’s go from a different one, your subconscious mind is a powerful thing! How many times do you do things on a subconscious basis? Well studies show that we operate subconsciously 99 percent of the time leaving just 1 percent of our actions done consciously. So the question comes what shapes our subconsciousness? Well it’s what you use to entertain your mind, if you feed your mind with heart break songs every day and then get into a relationship you expect the person to cheat or leave. Well that because you are what you feed your mind. What you watch on TV, the music you listen to, the games you play. It all plays a major part in how you subconscious mind is structureed so imagine if you only fed it with things that made you better how much you begin to expedite the process of growth. So that you can level up your life!
So here is my challenge to you take these things with you and begin to

  • Take personal responsibility in every moment of your life. The moment you take personal responsibility you begin to take control of the situation and not be a victim of it. A victim cant do anything but report an investigation but if you become your own investigator you can find out why the case happened. So you can protect your kingdom which is your life from going through that again.
  • Then begin to identify yourself as what you want to be in life and not what you are going through. So you wont be victim of a circumstance but can walk in the identity you wish.
  • Then begin to surround yourself with the right people and begin to allow only things that will help you grow to entertain your mind. So that you can program it to put your life in the direction you want it to be.

If you can master these three things i guarantee you that you will begin to find your life changing

Written by

My name is Joshua Dhonte Barnes, I go by supamann Barnes. S.U.P.A is an acronym for Success ultimate power achieved. Which means you have the success of true power and it is living in you. I have created a company which is called SupaInnerPrize which is devoted to creating outlets to help people bring out that inner success to realize how S.U.P.A They truly are.

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